Cautery Machine

Model: Vista
Application: Hospital
Brand: Shalya

Product Description

We are manufacturer and suppliers of HF Cautery Machine designed at 500Khz(460 khz) frequency having High Performance ESU(Diathermy) with Vessel Sealing System & Saline PlasmaBipolar Resection, in Single Unit.

Within touchscreen model, this is the most advanced model provided by us having features like Remote field sterile , Auto load the last settings, 2 monopolar connection.

The Product is commonly known as : Monopolar Bipolar Diathermy, Under Water Diathermy, Under Water Cautery, Bipolar Diathermy, Digital Electrosurgical Generator, Diathermy for Urology, Electro surgery for Urology, Diathermy for Gynecology, Electro surgery for Gynecology, Diathermy for Laparoscopy Surgery, Electro surgery for Laparoscopy Surgery, Electrosurgical Diathermy for Operation Room, Surgical Diathermy for Neurosurgery, Electro surgery Unit for Neurosurgery, Surgical Diathermy for Micro Surgery, Surgical Diathermy for Oncology, Electrosurgical Generator for Onco Surgery, Surgical diathermy for Endoscopy Surgery, Electrosurgical Diathermy for Endoscopic Surgery, Endoscopy Surgery Diathermy Unit, Surgical Diathermy for Cardiovascular Surgery, Electro Surgery Unit for Cardiovascular Surgery, HF Cautery Machine, Electro Surgery Unit for Orthopedic Surgery, Electro Surgery Unit for Hysteroscopy, Electrosurgical Cautery for Endoscopic Surgery, Touch Screen Electrosurgery Unit, Shalya Electro Surgery Unit, Shalya Diathermy, Shalya Cautery, Shalya Electro Cautery.

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